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tv   Small Business Commission 32717  SFGTV  April 3, 2017 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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in our successes of the site. that is made up of the pockets like wool but they are made of recycled plastic bottles. i don't know how they do it. >> there is acres and acres of parkland throughout golden gate park, but not necessarily through golden community garden. we have it right in the middle of ready to start the meeting. >> this is the regular meeting of the of the san francisco small business commission held on monday, march 27, 2017, at 2 o'clock p.m. caller id to order the san francisco small business commission thanks media
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services that can be viewed on channel 78 members of the public please take the opportunity to silence our cell phones and public comment during the meeting is limited for 3 minutes unless established by the presiding officer workers speakers reader but in the required to state your name for the record please mrs. them in the basket additionally a sign-in sheet sfgovtv show our slide good afternoon to start your business and the best place for getting the answers with your new or existing business. office of small business is your first stop when you have a question about what to do next and it is the of the small businesses in the county of san francisco. county of san francisco. so if you need assistance with small business matters start
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here. best of all our services are free of charge so if you need assistance, start at the office of the small business commission. thank you. the unofficial public forum to voice our thinks outside the box e opinions about the policies in soft story building if you need assistance start here at the office of the small business commission thank you. >> all right. okay item one call to order and roll call. commissioner vice president adams is absent commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner zouzounis mr. president, comboum >> outstanding item 2 the
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commission's future consideration. (discussion item.) do we have any of the members of the public that wants to comment on things not on today's agenda public comment is closed. >> item 3 approval of legacy business registry application and resolutions. discussion and action item. we have four applications accion latina are boudin bakery are faxon garage the present is program manager the legacy business program a preferential note all applications will be considered together unless the staff or public asks for otherwise and will be considered at a future meeting. >> welcome richard our favorite event good afternoon commissioner president dwight and commissioners legacy business program manager i have a power point presentation today
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before you today are four applications for your considerations for the businesses to be included on the legacy business registry the applications will review for completion and submitted to the planning department staff on february 1st foreclosure for their review the historic preservation commission heard the applications and made positive recommendations for the small business commission your pathway includes a staff report, a draft resolution the application and a case report if the planning department staff and a resolution from the historic preservation commission there are copies on the table for the public item 3 a accion latina the business a nonprofit in the equity incorporated in 1987 with the founding of the spanish english newspaper in 1970 pr the mission of the accion latina to
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promoted the currently arts and civic engagement as a way to have empowered latino communities this is carved in the form of performing and literary arts and operating is an art gallery and a bilingual biweekly newspaper and managing a collection of archives since 9040 03 b the boudin bakery a nationally renowned haefrdz in san francisco in 1849, one and 68 years baked goods by folks in 1906 san francisco earthquake destroyed the store on the family when we retired
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the ownership was passed counsel to a relative an italian immigrant in san francisco in 1935 began working in the baker been in the family ever sense and it has strong community partnerships and dpoots to various causes item 3 c faxon garage a local auto repair for the neighborhood and surrounding community since 1948 through the 60s most cars were american made from the 3 manufacturers starting in the 70's the americans prurpd enforced cars and adopted to the change and served owl models makes the business is an asset to the community that is primarily residential in nature with a higher rate of auto opener than
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other parts of san francisco and the owner has a faxon garage and community-based organizations and doing to event item 3-d coming into the business is a retailer village and custom shop in the mission district it has been serving the lgbt and professionalism aortas since the opened in 1996 in 1998 the ownership he went to stephen a lgbt leader and youth mentored the business as expanded to fully support sided the drag in the addition of make up and assessorsy and high-end customs and home decor that represents the foundation and business retro fit vintage serves through
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culture events businesses hosted at the shops not yet operated in san francisco san francisco are thirty years or more but contributed to the history and identity of 340ik9 neighborhood and not included in the registry it faces significant risk of displace on a month to month leased and not able to secure a long term lease with the landlord all 4 businesses have a positive recommendation after the recommendations from the historic preservation commission staff finds the businesses have met the 3 career criteria to quality for the legacy business registry there are 4 draft resolutions for consideration by the small business commission one for each the legacy business registry applicant in support of businesses a motion in favor of resolution
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in the resolutions pay attention to the core physical features that define the business once approved by the san francisco small business commission the businesses must maintain the features of tradition in order to remain on the legacy business registry accion latina and/or seismic engagement as a way for latino communities and the boudin bakery for the auto active repair and maintenance for retro fit vintage retail sales that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> this is great i'm not familiar with all the companies but certainly the boudin bakery a few iconic representatives
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this is awesome a so commission comments and questions. >> i have a question about the retro fit vintage more than two years; correct? >> that's correct. >> 2021. >> we checked with the city attorney's office the registration over 20 years could be 20 years. >> they fulfilled the dress code requirements. >> very good anything else open up for public comment representatives of businesses that would like to say anything at this time? >> cards. >> the first card for stephen i - human resources p and the second is gail. >> welcome steve richie.
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>> i'm stephen i own retro fit vintage i tried to write something but unfortunately what i wrote came up self-congratulations to stick to winging it format thank you for hearing us and thank you for louis louse us to be presented on the heritage legacy business program i have moved into the mission district on 20th street in 19 did or 94 i live in my apartment in 1996 retro fit vintage opened around the corner on 20th and 200 square feet space within the span of its first two or three years moved to 910 van ness around the corner where i live and in that location going on 21 years we'll celebrate 21 years
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this gram is integral with the psa of prop j if they're at a significant risk of displacement it is no truer than our exact situation the previous owners the building opt outed to not negotiated with the tenant and make is a problem of new other than an investment corporation one the first moves was to displace my neighborhoods when a a million dollars clothing program wanted their space their month to month and they were foirts out a million dollars company what make them leave in the process of co-author lose a free whole bilk in the process the current landlord offered him our space and place so offered
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him my store and offered displacement to me we have an old lease we've been angled one of the lucky things to have yes our lease is below-market rate under 3000 but the current rate they want to place us a o is 9 hundred thousand mrs. a month so your acceptance of our program will hopefully give a way to strong-arm them to give us a workable lease that small businesses with the foundation of the san francisco neighborhood will work with so thank you have a nice day. thank you, very much. and thanks to be coming out today ne next. >> good afternoon i'm gail the chief over for boudin bakery
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thank you to richard and the legacy business for putting together the presentation and helping us get through the application and also to the commission and its staff for consideration for the boudin bakery as a legacy business and was discussing how different companies want to be own is legacy business there are reasons for them and boudin bakery to make sure that boudin bakery is recognized for such and others companies it is about their survival so i think it is a great program for all reasons as richard said heard in san francisco as world families for the sourdough it is based if 1849 our story got started when
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the folks came in the gold rush of 1849 and fount the french baker and known as backing the best bread in the city the french bakery studied in and when he died his wife catered on the business that was a significant challenge she as rear yard said saved the mother dough from the 1906 san francisco earthquake and the bakery was relocated to the richmond strict it is still in probation an geary and tenth and dedicated as a historic by the historic society for over one hundred years of proclamation in
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1935 a man came from italy and joined the team of bakers and assumed the baker and bread was they lifetime dedication in 1941 the operator and the original sourdough than unfailing dedication to the bread continued until his death in 1997 his son group in the bakery and involved over 70 years and is a native san franciscan he currently operates 3 bakerries and 6 restaurant and is the old operating business in san francisco we support many local community partnerships including and don't get hungry that wrapping up i hope you
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romanced the accion latina as a legacy business over the 6 seven years we've been an interval part how the world views san francisco past and present. >> thank you boudin bakery is a legacy business we should go home any member of the public that would like to comment? on this item yes, we do come on up. >> good afternoon microfilms a louis i work forgive ocean avenue i am speaking on behalf of the faxon garage sidney was original owners that started faxon garage in 1940s and informing and it was faxon garage was that in one 3 businesses in one overflow room was the building structure
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was a horse and buggy stable and became just a winery because it was in 1885 an inside race track for hours now a a lot more bars appeared on ocean avenue it was quite a bit a lot predominantly in the 1940s and 50's the area was filled with working-class black families to hunters point fillmore or the o m i was affordable to love waishgz there was an office of emergency services with automotive services storage and automotive pontiac and texaco
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gas station back then cumber we have dayton and faxon garage so as you may know the lease on the garage right on i forgot 1495 disappeared because a of a development to slowly every gas station in san francisco is slowly disappearing and few i was are born and raised in unified 40 years and all the grargsz is gone i know they are. >> and then is started by wise and became nolan the last owners he started at 50 consequence an hour that was the minimum wage i forgot in the year that was in the psychos went to san
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francisco state university and bought the rest of the business in wise so in he sold it to walling i didn't he had an accessory retail for automotive imports used to be called something else he bought faxon garage and it was incorporated and wanted to do auto body in all one-stop shop and continued the legacy so - >> i'll cut it short that is vital because of you know slowly there's more cars in san francisco and especially ingleside the section of san francisco and a lot more children with families it is hard to transport kids on public especially you can't build multiple places it is important we get like the legacy garages into the program so you know
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have a diversity - businesses along ocean avenue corridor thank you. >> we're paying $0.50 an hour that is three hundred years old any member of the public that would like to comment? come on up. >> thank you to everybody my name is - i'm the new executive director and advertised an honor to be here and to as far as the recommendation for the legacy business latino is houses the longest bilingual paper not only in the city but the whole southwest i'll speak from my heart as a young artist and a young resident of the mission district who is part of central
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american you part of the 1980s that is a characteristic of our community is the beauty and our creative out and the kind of stuff people put out without requiring a payment so our murals and food our art and our institutional memory which in the newspaper the gallery and the music festival is a body so i'm happy and proud to be a part of a great line up of legacy businesses i'm just expressing my gratitude a big part of a community soul is itself memory that is makes us unique and different we have that
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institutional memory and i've been executive director for a total of three weeks and change but look forward to pushing this organization into the next 50 plus i couldn't see years of success this will be a key part of that. >> congratulations on our role community papers are important we have one in the chair wiener hill and dog patch is keep that flame alive out there any member of the public that would like to comment? all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners any other comments. >> i want to congratulate all our nominees today everyone is a part of the city and thank you for your time here i definitely know the faxon garage and in my view it was there and - latino i grew up on
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24th street and it translates to the - it is the one it is always issues of people of your struggle and one of the main streams so thank you for continuing the legacy on this appreciate it thank you. >> well to all our speakers thanks for coming out today yes commissioner and first of all, congratulate the businesses present today and like to read the criteria here and the question is the second question has the applicant been in the historic of the neighborhood or community and we have four businesses not only contributed to the respect neighborhood by the entire community of san francisco so congratulations for your contributions respected tricks for the wonderful city of san francisco.
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>> all right. commissioners and mr. president, can i ask a question what is the master do mean mother dough. >> yes. i have to find out sorry president. >> like in the breakdown world. >> the mother world makes it have the characteristics of a very sour cell phone i didn't warm on the audit and the dough is many incremental or commercial bakersries what produce bread in a quick fashion it rise in the matter of a few hours the mother dough takes 72 hours so to make the loaf of bread we allow the wide yeast wouldn't have been possible without the san francisco san
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francisco contributes to it there's a actually a bacteria this is named after san francisco it only exists in very highway quantities and it is what helps to create between the the yeast and the national yeast in the area and the bacteria creates the yes, ma'am biotic relationship that takes the gas and creates the bubbled in a slow process to allow the layers to develop i don't know if i explained what you're asking we feed it every single day a little of portion to grow to replenish the next batch and repeated for one and 6 seven years. >> you'll be giving away the secrets. >> the one thing is the work
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location do you sell our mother dough i say no. >> mr. president, often the last stop in the city and county of san francisco community-based organization through the airport and the international terminal to stop at the bakery to buy it before they take off those colors i see them throughout this we have exported in other aviators i'd like to know where we do sell them if i may ask that question sell them in other venues. >> currently our bread is sold only in oakland and san francisco we have a restaurant in the san francisco airport and in my $0.02 for trying to get oath
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location in june. >> thank you very much appreciate it. >> all right. commissioners, do we have a motion. >> i 0 move to accept all the business applicants presenting for today. >> i prove the resolution altogether. >> motion to approve the resolution for all four of legacy businesses those businesses to be added to the legacy business registry seconded by commissioner yee-riley. >> commissioner vice president adams is absent commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner zouzounis that motions is approved 6 to one. >> this is where we give everyone a round of applause>> (clapping.) >> well, thank you i hope this helps to continue your business
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and with our lease and don't give up that 0 apartment that is great laura and we have an agenda but if you will not offend us if you leave now you'll have to get back to work thank you very much for coming out next. >> item 4 and this is a piece to read board of supervisors file no. 170203 - planning code - article 7 reorganization; you don't need to repeat you've read it. >> this is item 4 board of supervisors file no. 170203 - planning code - article 7 reorganization; discussion item aaron starr manager, legislative affairs, planning department. with the planning department. >> good afternoon. >> aaron welcome back so the project that is initiated in 2013, the project goal to restructure the planning code
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for the read and understand the use accomplished by k34679cy though the definitions and in the i met but i went to the - council of district merchants sorry and i seemed like a warm reception and he astound reach out to supervisors offices and seeing if any organization want to know b more about this program i'll hear for questions if you have any additional. >> commissioners any questions no. >> okay. >> since the last meeting you went to sdpoefz and this was a warm welcome did you get
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feedback. >> no with the sxhoefz i'm now to brief supervisor fewer and some other ones it is more to now coming now we're paying attention to it that's what i'm doing with the sxhoefz so not received comments. >> no i was at the cd m not much discussion i think the general feeling is that as you've done with our prior effort that if there is a kind of after the fact shock there was clean up work required aaron will be amenable to addressing those issues. >> my goal 90 to not make a mistake. >> a point of clarification the clean up in what fashion.
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>> with article 2 i set up a number of things that were incorrect and once those tap elder off took a month or two for the folks to notice it i introduced that ordinance in the office for the conclusion been about 6 months i think. >> all right. commissioner any other questions or comments >> open up for public comment any member of the public that would like to comment? on this item. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so action item. >> it is an action item so. >> commissioners, do we have a
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>> office of articulating i they have a power point. >> excellent welcome. >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> on my specific request i was trying to registration my
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new business association in the dog patch. >> do we have a power point. >> some hurdles i was unable to get over. >> we thought we simplified it once again thank you for inviting us here today san francisco business register is required for anyone engaging in business in san francisco a common example are maintaining the fixed place of business for the 7 days in any given year that is the driving in the streets of san francisco of san francisco and in addition required first steps for none getting fund or seeking a permit from the department of health, the planning department, office of short-term rentals and the police department there are organizations or businesses who are required to register but may exempt them fax
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for a in case pursuant to 50 one plus of the internal revenue code, however, nonprofits that are dpaemd within the city in unrelated trade or business not exempt from taxation for those activities typical example a parking space not exempt from parking space tax san francisco has over one and thirty thousand registered businesses that pay a lot of money to the troourz for business tax in 2006 and 2016 sorry we put our online business registration application up and during the past year reduced the paperback progressing time from three weeks to less than 15
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minutes 80 percent of new businesses are fully commit once they hit submit and they'll have their rental for the businesses don't have to go to both departments and that's a general overview if you have any questions we're happy to answer those today. >> i have questions if i may. >> sure. >> first of all, i'd like to go back to the engaging in businesses in san francisco and specifically that is important to set the special you've talked about beyond you have to registration the first one if i can solicit the business for 67 days we're talking about soliciting from the outdoor not located in solicit to register in to if. >> coming into the city - >> yeah. if you solicit
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business for 7 days consequence days. >> total days any portion of new day. >> in terms of if you solicit one minute and one day is counted as a day i'm going over this for viewers for the full part of 7 days in one fiscal year that is kind of draw the difference continue doing work you're not a salaried person meaning performing as an independent contractor. >> yes. if you're an independent contractor. >> service or sales. >> anything and finally this one is quite kind of for the unweary it is driving on streets of san francisco so that kind of
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catches cab drivers and limousine drivers coming thorough the city 7 days a year rent-controlled unit with the city of san francisco. >> yes. >> we have, of course, a tracking problem but those businesses have to count on the fingers to make sure they register with our office. >> that covers the nonprofit that perform services in the county correct. >> that's correct if you're a recognized 234789 and your activities are related to that status you'll not be taxed. >> you have to register and the 7 day threshold applies to all businesses nonprofit or otherwise. >> correct. >> especially the taxation and not registration you have to register yet may not be taxed as
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a nonprofit. >> may or may not. >> if you're a nonprofit and engaged in a business not recommend to the nonprofit business would you be taxed you'll be tacksed related to the nonprofit that would not be taxed and correct. >> if you seen an increase in registration for people in the giga committee like lyft and uber and airbnb. >> yes. we have. >> how do you get out the word to people that are participating in those types of tests they need to register not probably obvious to some of you read the papers people don't realize they need to register. >> we do the outreach to airbnb and to the other. >> host companies. >> uh-huh. >> great. >> and including like the meal
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delivery services people are driving for them also is required to have a business license; correct? >> that's correct. >> if you want to be driving a cab in the city or a limousine you'll have to go to other agency have to rental or register we want them to comply and be in not be in violation the reason i'm asking the questions how to they'll know the 7 days in my i'm an attorney by trade and these are important issues. >> uh-huh. >> i'm sure a lot of my clients don't know or to be clients (laughter). >> well, there is instructions for the online application and written instructions
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it is in the code he i mean i know none reads the code reserving like we do but we do try to do outreach it is interesting if you're looking at the drivers in the city you'll find that the word gets around quickly there was stress about it so. >> it is compared to other cities lower or higher. >> like neighboring cities. >> i can't. >> would you say that 7 days is lower. >> i can't. >> i want to know where the 7 days are. >> thank you sure. >> so the difficult i had i went on to register my nonprofit and i can't get past the screen that where you describe the structure of your business because nonprofit is not one of the structural boxes to check
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you can't get past the screen all the selections are for profit selections so you can't register a nonprofit until you - it is basically just says you have to come back and tells you you're a nonprofit you can't register; right? >> with a nonprofit you go through the process and get to the business activity in is there i'm not sure of the nonprofit items 20 that is this is a business not listed and mark the box our exempt as soon as you submit that you'll get your document and an e-mail saying okay you'll have 10 days to submit our documentation and we hold our application until you e-mail or once we get that we'll process it.
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>> business not listed okay if i may make a recommendation i can't recall seeing that box if i do that was not obvious to me, i'm college educated that was the way to get through the process making maybe i don't know if you have an f a q or a nonprofit this is the one to check it's not obvious the reason i make this point in this forum i came - this started me the process of asking my neighborhood association leaders and other merchant associations leaders and business association leaders if their, in fact, registered and not to share a secret the organization to which all merchant associations was not registered so there is to your point a little knowing amongst these organizations if they need to be formally
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registered this is obvious if you collect revenue you need to be albeit to get a pass on that or not to be determined by the city not by you and i wanted you all to come and start the conversation because i want it known to all the nonprofit merchant associations and neighborhood association and other nonprofits in the city you must register with the city not necessarily mean - you need to be registered and the way the city keeps track of the activities and quite frankly it is interesting for us to know how many merchant associations and neighborhood associations there are because those are very effective organizations for grassroots activity in the neighborhood and i that that is something that the city should celebrate and not kind of hidden
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away so no way i will go back on to the website and try that strategy. >> thank you for your feedback. >> if i may suggest if we could create it for nonprofits and then refine that by asking what kind of a activities and income is it nonprofit and the reason for being a nonprofit and then the income there from and, of course, you'll be seeking the exempt letter or the articles to ascertain whether or not their in fact, nonprofit that makes it easier for nonprofit to kind of get and go through the process i think the president having that problem and being agree stanford congratulate. >> (laughter). i said i'm a college graduate
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>> having a problem thinking we may tweak the system look at better to make that easier. >> i offer thought it but anyway, that will be a nice guide post for people wanting to register a nonprofit i gita verification process aufrts but a registration process so commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> first of all, i want to thank i've used the system several times to help clients and my clients of small businesses it is as simple as it can be. >> it is a fantastic and we, of course, acknowledged your organization last year during small business week this is a real a wonderful thing for the city to be doing. >> especially for college and non-property degrees
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(laughter) you're a stanford graduate. >> i had a question with the nonprofits and i agree with commissioner president dwight the box that you can highlight as related this is one thing and then the docking you sign for nonprofits that you have to put that in and so i have a couple of clients we'll have to contact you or someone in the office and also some nonprofits use fiscal year agent like my organizations we buy property and use the nonprofits is that simple when you ask foreign documents or a proper format that people register authorized units to follow so they can be simpler for documentation. >> generally, the business the tax id must match with you provide the letter from the irs.
8:48 pm
>> at times a bigger nonprofits i'll give you an example like youth sports usually they encompass a national organization and for the ay or one national. >> they have a - >> i mean that may take another step once you respond with the documentation someone will contacted you. >> okay. then more - okay. thank you commissioner yee-riley. >> for nonprofit in addition to applying for the nonprofit with the state they also have to register; is that correct and correct. >> thank you uh-huh. >> any business actually so i think the point for nonprofits you have to register as any business with the federal government the state government
8:49 pm
and our local county government here so be well-advised. >> this is an important point about the fiscal year agent there is an issue of having a nonprofit status and using the nonprofit status another sister organization yet have a presence and activity so i'm assuming you have to go through the questions and then you know kind of show that you are operating through someone else's nonprofit status; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> also the responsibility of the fiscal year sponsor to insure they sponsor the organizations correctly you can't take on sponsorship that didn't meet our nonprofit requirements. >> is that a local registers.
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>> in fact, that should be happening with the fiscal year sponsor we're in setting up a center and that dialogue happens first with the sponsor the southern is in jeopardy of their sponsoring organization that could violate their nonprofit status and put their own nonprofit status in danger. >> this dialogue is quite important so she had the light of the nonprofits would they should be doing. >> we're happy to help you. >> any more comments. >> a point of contact in our office like someone from a nonprofit or an agency should be contact for things of that nature and we partnered with 311 customer service so we can track. >> 311 and then you can escalate the issue if they're not getting the answers they're looking for a thank you.
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>> so we can use the 311 app. >> commissioners do you want a 311 apples to apples you should have that awesome open up for public comment which there won't be any thank you for coming. >> thank you do we have any any member of the public that would like to comment? on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you so much really appreciate it and thank you for all your hard work it is really you, you guys are light years ahead that's great thank you all right. next item, please. >> okay item 6 legacy business program. review of the legacy business program staff report for january and february 2017. discussion item. >> richard once again. >> all right. >> so do the commissioners
8:52 pm
have the staff reports in their packet. >> that will be great when we have those tab the. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> >> so this is a confetti first great. >> good afternoon. >> can we sorry do we have both of those being passed around. >> yes. january and february. >> okay. >> good afternoon again commissioner president dwight richard legacy business manager i have an update on the legacy business program for january and february 2017 including statistics investigator accomplishments and press and major upcoming
8:53 pm
activities i distributed the january and february staff report and copies on the table for the audience and in january we received 16 legacy neemgz and 5 placards and 200 and $50 in application fees $50 per applicant the historic preservation commission reviewed 3 applications and a small business commission also reviewed 3 applications and listed all 3 businesses on the legacy business registration in february we received two nominations, 8 applications and $400 in application fees the historic preservation commission reviewed 3 applications and small business commission reviewed 5 applications and listed all 5 businesses on the legacy business reinforce from the programs beginning through the end of february there reason one
8:54 pm
and 47 nominations, one and one plaques and 4000 plus in application fees and 73 plaques were reviewed by the historic preservation commission, and 72 businesses were lists on the registry major accomplishment in january is adding 3 businesses to the registry for the historic preservation commission for review and completing the review of 621 applications receiving approval from the small business commission to pay for the grants submitting rules and regulations for the rent stabilization grant to the board continuing to set up grantees and ventures of the city and county of san francisco and continuing contractor negotiations with working solutions for legacy business
8:55 pm
program check printing services for a grant grant businesses and investigator accomplishment in february adding 5 businesses to the registry submitting 6 to the historic preservation commission, completing contract negotiations with working solutions for registry businesses for the printing services and sending the contract to oewd contracts team for processing starting payment for the business assistant grant recipients for the grants for the city and county of san francisco it takes time and providing the training of the legacy business program inform supervisor safai and presenting a training ambassador the legacy business to legislative aide of the board of supervisors and issuing the rent stabilization grant
8:56 pm
i'll send you links lovingly articles about individual legacy businesses and the inclusion of program and the legislation for the latino cultural district and efforts to protect their beer garden from a shadow into a development across the street as a reminder only included articles in the monthly report for the legacy business program i won't be including articles about the legacy businesses/e there are so many if their not worthy mentioning they're part of legacy business program press in february is 8 articles about the effort in seattle to create a legacy business program similar to san francisco's individual legacy businesses and inxirwa successful efforts to protect their outdoor beer garden from a shadow from
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proposed development and the planning department staff report about the legacy business program to the historic preservation commission major upcoming activities for march preventing four legacy business applications to the small business commission today submitting 9 applications to historic preservation commission for their review in march, providing a training to supervisor sandra fewer receiving overview receiving a grant and making payment to the grantees and progressing the bits grant payments participation - participating in nationwide online training for employee ownership of businesses and issuing a request for quotes for the legacy registry we expect that to happen soon that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> so the recent couple of
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months i supervisor peskin is very active here i want to thank and congratulate supervisor peskin and his staff for their efforts and success in in the meantime, businesses for the legacy business rental as you recall in the early phases of this after this legislation was passed and in the period that it took to organize our efforts the staff upped the efforts to get things underway we were subject to public criticism how long it took to start the program well, we're in it now and we are full steam ahead it is time that maybe we published the scoreboard who is in the meantime, and the results of that and to present
8:59 pm
that to the board of supervisors on a regular basis and get consolidation some offices and new supervisors are not active and should be to the benefit of businesses in their districts and nominate them and get them into the program because the number one, goal of the registry itself is to promote the legacy businesses to both the people the residents of san francisco and to visitors and so i'd like to stubborn this around and highlighting these who are active and not in prompting businesses in their neighborhood i think that is a way to stimulate some of the active for the nomination has to come from predominantly from the supervisors and the mayor's
9:00 pm
office. >> and just a that have the information so as you receive a bio monthly update we submit a bio monthly report to the board of supervisors that is - you know nominations that have made their way through and on the registry and nominees that have come in and where we are in the three hundred so - >> maybe we could position it more like a scoreboard and promote healthy compleemgs staff are interested and about to head into baseball s&p 500 i think more pro 86 prompting this to the supervisors and to the public so the scoreboard can be one on our website and maybe we're celebrating every time we come together as part of
9:01 pm
preamble; right? this is our flagship program to promote legacy businesses in san francisco. >> you want to say up to this point we've been working to get everything behind the scenes we have business assistants grant and the resolution grants and the whole nomination and placates process is we're at the point we need to hire a firm to help us with the logo and branding and bring it up to the next level. >> you've done a fantastic job and getting all the gears sort of out and i'd like we appreciate that and we can. >> i have a question about the press i've noticed with the
9:02 pm
kindly recorded the january and february and what is our interaction as a legacy business with the press do we have press releases is that appropriate imposing the businesses how it is that the press is made aware of these milestones approvals and businesses kind of up the importance of being a legacy business somehow the communication are we in charge of that. >> that's the fun part i want to bring it up to the next level we'll have this i'm looking how to present this better and bring up to the next level that includes a press release every
9:03 pm
time the small business commission accepts a new businesses on the registry so right now the press is just stepping from the businesses themselves and sometimes making press releases we've not been doing that but definitely on our radar screen we'll do that very soon and start folding this into the small business activities like small business week having a special acknowledgement for a legacy business to help highlight the program and the business that we want to particularly highlight fold it into the ventriclar and our general planning for all the small business activities throughout the year. >> we included in the office of the small business commission weekly newsletter but want more. >> i find your work to be a
9:04 pm
resource and not only for the city and county but for the prettiest to know about the city the level of details and the attachments it kind of a fragment or portion of -- of san francisco so the question is if i'm part of media and want to find out about the legacy business because i got your press release would i be able to assess pubically your files and kind of get the subsequence that i need to include in my article. >> all the applications you review are on the website for the small business commission under supporting documents are all the applications to august so anyone in the public could a assess those. >> and remain on the site for
9:05 pm
permanently. >> yes. any members of the public can look at those applications as well and take into account the historical information that sort of thing that kite interesting i was interested to read the story in the application so - >> the planning department staff they made the report to their commission the historic preservation commission they have a very big interest in having an archiving take the information and expand that into views with owners so they're interested in the press portion of legacy business program so take a more active role and definitely see more existing history. >> this is the first time they've written down the history and put together the information it is time consuming and many
9:06 pm
people are rolling their eyes but when they have done it you know putting they regularly market their history it is a big organization a lot of money to do that marketing but a small business you know your two busy worried the day to day and look at the history and up on the anniversary and precious little to document the years around we've been in a time we've been suing stram and facebook and looking at the photos about many of the businesses were you started long before that and have to pull together their archives this is fantastic it kushlgz them to do so in the context of this program and gymnasium okay. let's get it together and do this right so i
9:07 pm
think that there is a lot of wind for this program and you should take great pride in asked by other cities about your program because it is your effort that has made this program what it is and a program that others want to know about and really i think you'll be you know able to be a source for best practices help people avoid some of the trillions and tribulations to where you are today that kind of is part of a you're next step helping other cities and not just isn't united states but all over the world when sfmade that finally starred to celebrate their success we got readers from copenhagen and portland a similar initiative for the staff they're like the ultimate sort of pat on the back. >> to close others want to ask
9:08 pm
questions one of the incentives that our president was mentioning is that we had kind of a list of legacy businesses but we don't have them i'm not suggesting what we should but kind of it would be nice to track them on the map of the city and that will give an incentive to everyone to kind of you know make - put for the their neighborhood they represent and the legacy business so i kind of - that lumps the legacy businesses are listed in january and february 12th of them out of the. >> 16 plus 2, 1812 come from one district it is lopsided and
9:09 pm
empty that is also given an incentive inform whomever needs the incentives to look at this plan. >> we set aside fund for the martha efforts inform really brand this logo and a more user friendly public friendly face so that also goes to you know what does that map look like and to your . point out you know - getting back to my scoreboard district by district a hot spot and hopefully the other supervisors will feel the heat. >> yeah. absolutely and there will naturally be places because of activity going on in those districts so - >> having a map is very high on the priority list
9:10 pm
and created a map for the legacy businesses and like to do an interaction as quickly as possible technology you know gi s technology has been around for a while but click it and the information comes out. >> linked to the application. >> right. >> and i - rick and i discussed when we get to really building up the website had a right part of searching will be able to pull up by restaurant, neighborhood. >> different criteria. >> different criteria yeah. if you're coming and have a particular interest in types of businesses you're able to sort and entities like sftravel and
9:11 pm
any organization that represent that industry ownership type of businesses can utilities it >> once all that is ladder in we'll start a discussion of how do we may be start to celebrate the businesses 10 or 20 years old not yet thirty years old on the path to legacy from my experience and we all have experience 10 years is a long time feels like one hundred years to me. >> be able to beat the odds. >> exactly. >> okay commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> first richard on the jobs especially we have at the beginning and bringing you on board and the job you've done is amazing thank you for that and also in fairness to some of the supervisors like i'll speak for district 9 a lot of things are
9:12 pm
going on with the national fund so issues that have priority but i think like you mentioned commissioner president dwight our ventriclar this program but behind the scenes we have relationships with the local politicians or district supervisors we have to kind of push them along and commissioner dooley like our district is amazing i mean, you, take suit i know you know every single visitor so i want to mention our accomplishments to make sure the legacy businesses get recognized i think our commissioners can do that. >> i'll roach and have a featured article about the legacy businesses of the month we can do that for whatever in the marina newspaper and others throughout and even the one. >> we've look at today right.
9:13 pm
>> anyway ways we can promote the promotion of the legacy business program it is all good; right? >> commissioner yee-riley. >> yes. i also want to thank you for your thank you for all your hard work and the people i refer to you the business owners they have good feedback you help them out and notice on the january report a lot of the businesses i've spoken to nominated by supervisor peskin so what is the next step does this business send in their applications yet. >> so supervisor peskin is very a great nominator so sometimes often the case of his they've not filled out an application he nominees them
9:14 pm
before the placates we reach out to them to let them know about the program and let them know we have guidance in putting the application together from a organization if they need to there are a few of them where the application comes in most of supervisors and supervisor peskin for the application it comes in and they hadn't reached out to the supervisors so giving them direction how to reach out and carbon monoxide they come in together but supervisor peskin we go out and reach out to the businesses to let them know about the program and invite them to submit an application. >> commissioner dooley. >> i wanted to add to a couple of other things that maybe everyone can be doing our merchant associations remind all of our businesses
9:15 pm
regularly they should apply and frequently one of us on the board will sit down with a business and help them fill out their application and you know we remind the ones that have been nominated they've not filled them out yet and nag them that's one of the reasons we tend to have - we try to be pro-active in our neighborhoods the business community about they're saying oh, you should do that not only that but we can get our supervisors all the time and suggest other businesses that should be nominated so i think that all those things are good things to get to your supervisor and get this process moving. >> thanks for doing that you saw earlier ocean avenue association they helped the garage with the application a
9:16 pm
few other businesses that their system instead of working through the nonprofit organizations the applicant worked through ocean avenue association to help them with their narrated narrative and their application and noah valley application they're helping some of the businesses thank you very much commissioner dooley for the work 0 you're doing great and in north beach. >> any other comments open up for public comment because there are people witting any member of the public that would like to comment? on this item. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you, again for your work it is fantastic. >> all right. next item, please. >> item 7 explanatory document(s): march 13, 2017, draft regular meeting minutes. >> action item. >> do we have any discussion.
9:17 pm
>> any member of the public that would like to comment? on our minutes seeing none, public comment is closed. a motion. >> i move to approve. >> the minutes. >> the minutes. >> of march 13. >> i'll second. >> okay >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? >> that motion carries 6 to. >> commissioner zouzounis is absent 5 zero with one absent. >> okay next item, please. >> >> announcements from the mayor, and announcements regarding small business activities. discussion item. >> commissioners so i'm going to start off with the word document so the new business
9:18 pm
presentation listed them in order we're going to be tackling them the presentation for the airport we hoped to get scheduled soon but because of their schedules they requested to make an official presentation in may or june and so we'll be firmly up that in the next couple of weeks in the meanwhile sfo during small business week is hosting a working group from 11 to 1:30 so we will definitely get that word out and invite the businesses that are interested in doing business with sfo the trade association and individual businesses you know from contracting construction consensus professional services we'll be covering all of that so we'll appreciative they're hosting that during small
9:19 pm
business week the next we're working with commissioner zouzounis on developing the abatement theme for cigarettes dealing with dpw and want to make sure we have the opportunity to provide - to draft a document to provide you some background for the presentation are made to you the next we'll work on the ground floor medical uses and scanners and vacancies. >> can i ask about the ground floor where are we on that i certainly see in any district for example, the medical use taking over a bank consuming an entire block on the ground floor with no retail and i think that we need to really taking a look at that in
9:20 pm
our mcds to you know see whether if maybe not so suitable so have so many you know retail medical facilities in our ncd. >> so we are working on there is a couple of things i think that are important items in addition to the land use we need to provide some information around the ada issue so the full context of what is - where medical use is where and how medical use can be and what is involved with them that the commission has the full understanding and background so when the presentation come forward you're fully informed of all the nuances that needed to be considered. >> i hope you'll be looking at
9:21 pm
formula retail when it comes to those medical uses because currently they're not listed under - >> right we'll - we'll do an analysis for zoning district and things of that sort to have all that information i'm not going into detail but added the kind highlights of minica and i have been part have to review the small business week commissioner president dwight went through the week last time but have flavors that the union the union square held conferences are take place monday through friday at the sba we'll be having such as the airport workshops will be happening and satellite workshops throughout the week in other locations on tuesday may 16 doing some
9:22 pm
high-level i shouldn't say high-level - panel and panel presentations that are these items were highly attended different than workshops but we're curating really informational speakers and presenters motivational. >> a small stories. >> we also have the board of supervisors honorees for that day and many of the affiliate organizations on tuesday evening thursday is a small business award at the at&t park this year and may 20th is shop our neighborhood sidewalk sales. >> so for legislation at our april 10th merge we'll be hearing rehearing the apps is
9:23 pm
now - you requested some kind of small business engagement for businesses displaced as a result of what is developed to go along with the housing bonus program and presenting in terms of what we can legally do in terms of assisting small businesses who are displaced by the home sf project you will also be hearing the lacking in the workplace supervisor tang legislation and off-street parking in supervisor
9:24 pm
farrell work with the definition under the planning code and then we'll trying to schedule the supervisor sheehy has introduced the bicycle legislation dealing with the bicycle shop shops and so we're trying to get that scheduled and then on the page 3 there - i've provide a list of items recently introduced and that may this is not to say specifically all will come before the small business commission but things i think are of interest looking at micro trenching on sidewalks to deal with installing fiber that will impact our areas of our city
9:25 pm
that has both sides businesses supervisor sheehy has introduced a cannabis commission a department and supervisor kim will be conducting a hearing on the impacts of automation as it relates to automation taking over jobs. >> it has not been scheduled she introduced it on the 14th so usually i'll say hearings generally happen unless their urgent generally within thirty to 60 days. >> there's a lot of information in the examiner about this proposed legislation check it out. >> it is something that the stakeholders have brought up supervisor kim's office said
9:26 pm
she's taking that up as a conversation we don't have a regulation yet. >> and then the other thing that is of very critical to note that was introduced last week is that increasing the minimum compensation hourly rate for city contractors other than nonprofits to upping the amount of the minimum hourly rate starting at the 1656 starting july one 2017 i don't know how this might impact some of the lbe's but that should be noted it is for businesses engaging business with the city and then 3 items at this state
9:27 pm
of note i have mention in the past that senator wiener has introduced cycling programs bill and it is scheduled to be harder in committee this week this i cannot the local san francisco the point out to establishment a mobile recycling center and then he's introduced the cannabis payment bill that may allow city departments to collect for other agencies within their i think local jurisdiction, state jurisdiction and county jurisdiction so simplify the cannabis industry for the taxes
9:28 pm
they pay and also he is for the night life industry looking at the allowing local governments to extend liquor services between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. those are specific things and as rick noted in his presentation so we should be submitting out for an r f q for the legacy business granting program and have two dashboards for the last three-quarters of 2016 and we'll just take a look at the client serviced as grace talked about the tmc the driver for uber's and lyft and any of those types of businesses there was a great effort to bring them on and register them as business registration has to be done by the end of june there was a lot
9:29 pm
of confusion treasurer cisneros extend that to august to come on board and get registered that created a dramatic spike in the number of individual that we served and because of that on boarding new drivers as they're coming in we still ton to see an increase in tmc drivers even after the deadline to get information about registering and how does that work and how do they go about it what they need to do. >> we'll see the circulation under the starter is that in startup. >> starter kits specific start
9:30 pm
kits we've created but in essence most of them are just business not for - they may need to file a fictitious business name not as much complexity for registering. >> i'm wondering in the even if it is like a starter kit page number one, it is trackable; right? our actually closely tracking categories here and one of the most important categories presently is the driver category because we want to encourage people to rental so having the starter kit a way to get them to you know then you'll know who is looking; right? and it is
9:31 pm
valuable information we're not getting by saying oh, diminished but having a starter kit that says welcome you tell all your friends they need to come here and make up something like you're trying to get started like millennial but that's okay we can pitch it you how the driver gets started that allows you to capture that activity i think that is really valuable that is where the feedback that we can give to you know to everybody the supervisors, the mayor and the organizations that are sponsoring these economic activities we're any there in the activities within our office. >> yeah. i know that industry i'm pretty familiar with the demographics we have a lot of middle eastern drivers in uber
9:32 pm
and lyft in the taxis and i call it the community-based organizations and translated will an helpful and i'm curious that we've talked about this before about hosting the info sections at the commission for some of the processes would you find it is helpful if we did one for tmc drivers registration and had a way to advertise on in system here. >> most likely it is better to have a big careen to really be able to navigate the website and
9:33 pm
the rears where we can look at it doing that in another location within city hall or work with some of the entities to host to host an orientation. >> yeah. i think continuing to get the word out i think that is not obvious to someone hey i drive into the city and go to a couple of fairs and get out is this for real and maybe i have to do it in sacking and san mateo and you know marin county i'm driving cross the border so it is not seriously i'm not going to do that. >> i know that some of the conversations the city is having
9:34 pm
with the host organizations that that there is some of due diligence on their part and inform those individuals this is a requirement they're having that contact, with the individual. >> ask for the business registration as part of being a driver with them. >> also i suspect ultimately they should be employing technology to help their office of economic workforce development understand and actually monitoring the time they're spending in each of the county to give them at the end previously a report that is very valuable for an application. >> the city you spend 10 minutes over a day that will counted the day. >> yep.
9:35 pm
>> you don't need a lot of - it takes 70 minutes in the city and county to registration. >> they'll tell you exactly the minutes i'm saying there is data readily assessable data that someone can be using to facilitate experience by the people their cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. as we discussed with airbnb; right? using that to encourage compliance not to - as carrot not a stick. >> while the business portal didn't have the kit we're tracking that as a car is coming into the office under comply industry look at september and we have a section called transportation. >> oh. >> you'll see that during that quarter where the business
9:36 pm
registration they were doing extensive 0 outreach for the driveway arrests and register the businesses you'll see the clients and the next quarter is dropped down 50 percent so we do track them in terms of the types. >> that's the walk-in. >> that's walk in and phone and e-mail and or the intersect. >> non- - the portal was the starter kit we have those specific starter kits we're able to track those that click on those. >> this is great information. >> so this that concludes my report. >> all right. commissioners any other questions >> any member of the public that would like to comment? on the director's report seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> item
9:37 pm
and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. discussion item. >> >> my report is brief i attendant the meeting related to getting ready for small business week and attended couldn't have district merchants i represented the dog patch business association and want to let you know you'll not be here for the next two meetings in april steve adams will be taking over that's all. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> first, i want a panel lift for the century restaurant program hosted by a restaurant and we had several panel lift for the d d g r a this was
9:38 pm
restaurant and opportunity centers and others and we discuss scenarios through there is not one fix all or solution this is for employers that have immigrant employees and act on the resources for availability for the employees the next one on april 10th the site is to be department of homeland security but i'll get with regina to put the information available and at least there are resources for employers of immigrants and illegal and undocumented have rights this has tremendous impact with the national complies i'll try to get the information posted and if 0 anyone has questions i do know
9:39 pm
where to get the answers if i--i don't know. >> yes. >> i have a question those resources that you are talking about they are available to employers and employees. >> yes. >> employers who had undocumented workers be talking about the rights talking about the employers right autos boo-boo so all the resources and all the leg illicit's and the aclu and the a lot of attorneys i brought a lot of local law enforcement how they serve warranty and the law enforcement liaisons so you, you know you get it straight in the hours mouth so to say. >> a kind of an organization you're talking about an office. >> this is several orchestrates like you clean power and doing workshops
9:40 pm
they're free and complimentary and good resources to attend attend and ask questions it is focused on restaurant this can apply to everyone. >> they're a transcript of the presentation or a video. >> yes. go to the g g r a that is r oc that stand for that restaurant opportunity centers so a sanctuary restaurant but all this information can be applicable to all kinds of businesses maybe 5 employees and one is undocumented and what that looks like and a lot of the information it first point of contact a lot of things happening in the community is a restaurant it is afterward they're affecting the community it has an impact on small businesses if they can't find the workers small businesses suffer and - the next thing i
9:41 pm
want to thank iuoe and the low rider council they're showing why they have the policies on 24th street saline a national pop star 20 years ago so they'll show her movie on april 8th and there's one a lot of things a local regional cultural event to low riders and hype up the merchants on the 24 and the mission street corridor i want to highlight when the local agencies do things right they've done a lot of effort and worked that departments please let everyone to attend and it is great for traffic for the
9:42 pm
merchant on this corridor and lastly i want to take a second to recognize the life of shannon the founder of nob hill theatre in san francisco founded in 1960 he was in the theatre industry and very you know influential in gay rights in the industry and establishing a memg can like the nob hill theatre definitely would be a legacy business but his memorial was in caramel i want to say a phenomenal force of nature and just to shout out to him he'll definitely appreciate that you know thank you. >> any other reports. >> all right. any member of the public that would like to comment? on commissioner reporting seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> item 10
9:43 pm
agenda items for future consideration by the commission. discussion item. >> discussion item. >> none have any new business to recommend. >> i've been chatting up my friends and colleagues in the craft brewing industry and listening to their trials and tribulations with maintaining their businesses this is an industry we want to be promoting here in san francisco one that is that leaned itself to usher manufacturing not necessarily labor sentence or dense so, so can thrive in an industry that is difficult to hire labor and a mri i cannot of a lot of regulations and rules that surround not only craft brewering but other businesses it outdoor to three and four
9:44 pm
with aaron starr gets through might be a person that look at this and you know stories like someone comes and says hey we've got this regulation i don't know why we have that that exists we need to go through those steps and frankly both the business owners and the regular are saying why we need to do it is in the book theory artificially rooishth the enhancements of some of the businesses and a largely around some kind of outdated notions for example, heavy restrictions on bottling and one person i was talking to said they think of bottling operation as a massive things there are bottles clanking and creating noise and broken grass it is from the bottom of my heart for a small brewery is a
9:45 pm
tavern and the activity and the noise and not diesel trucks in and out of the building those rules are built on kind of some archive uninformed views of what they do bottling is one of them they do and regulations so i think that it will be a service to a very important kind of sector in our small business community to do a drill down and i say there is a discussion of forming a cannabis commission we have a night life commission but i really question the thought process behind authorizing commissions in industry specific vertical it is
9:46 pm
kind of okay. well, if cannabis and night life then brewer and discity hall and winemaking you know blah, blah, blah we're the small business commission we're here to support and you that's the small business community and i think that it is going to be redundant if we empowering the commission just my - i want to put that out there as something for us to think about and for us to maybe have the supervisors think about it before they start launching those efforts and then coming here and having us having something to say about it hey it is we're here you don't have to look future and means we say to educate ourselves on the industry that are have new criteria around them; right? so any other new business none no comments
9:47 pm
all right. >> well any member of the public that would like to comment? on our new business suggestions seeing none, public comment is closed next item, please. >> sfgovtv can you please show our slides art as our custom, we begin the small business commission with a reminder that the office of small business is the only to start your business and the best place for getting the answers with your new or existing business. and it is the official forum to voice your concerns regarding policies and projects and issues that effect the economic vitality official forum to voice your concerns regarding policies and projects and issues that effect the economic vitality so if you need assistance with small business matters start here. best of all our services are free of charge so if you need assistance, start at the office of the small business commission. thank you.
9:48 pm
>> item 11 adjournment action item. >> i move. >> second second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> okay the meeting is adjourned at
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
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i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see >> neighborhoods in san francisco are as diverse and fascinating as the people who inhabit them and today we're in the western addition in district 5, where we'll hang
9:57 pm
with supervisor london breed and experience firsthand the renaissance underway at the buchanan mall. buchanan mall was connecting city blocks from grove to turk street and once besieged by violence, today it's revitaling community spirit with an urban garden. this is where anyone who grew up in the neighborhood and spend out any time outside we spent time at buchanan mall and we hang with one another and made it work. we had fun together. the good news is that it seems like the activation is bringing the community back to the area. this garden, i think, can do a lot for bringing the community together. my hope is that with these
9:58 pm
cooking demos, that will bring folks out and they will start talking to one another when they probably normally wouldn't do that. crystal jem started cook as soon as she could start and the coordinator for community grows an organization that teaches cooking and nutrition, sanctifying growing spaces and nourishing communities. >> it was to have a sea of calm for pause and congregating. i see more people out. if they are out here playing, it's still safer. it's a beautiful spaces and people are less inclined to mess them up. it allows them to want to instill some sort of ownership over this good thing. before we did this buchanan mall project i had walked through here -- hadn't walked through in
9:59 pm
ten years because of the dynamics of the neighborhood. >> for residents who kov founded green street a local business that offers re-cycling for the properties, activation took opportunity for the environment and community at-large. >> it's the but thy of the whole mission north and from the prison yards together and now we stand here today pushing good energy for those people around us. i learn businesses through this and now i can share business with my community.
10:00 pm
>>[gavel] >> good afternoon i will call to order the tjpa board of directors special meeting for march 24. >> thank you i will call roll call and over the writer-director kim and sartipi so they will not be present today. with that harper here, reiskin here, gee, here nuru